Why Should I Prescribe Rectal Rockets?

Better Drug Absorption

Rectal Rocket - Parafin Display Samples The physical design of the rocket allows it to remain in contact with the anal canal and external perianal area throughout absorption.

Immediate or Extended Release

Formulations can be made that allow the drug to be absorbed immediately or over the course of several hours.

Heal Hemorrhoids in 3 Doses, Not 12

The rectal rocket delivers medication directly to the site of inflammation in both internal and external hemorrhoids. Traditional suppositories can lapse into the rectum, losing direct contact with the hemorrhoid and leaving external hemorrhoids untreated.

Better Comfort = Better Compliance

For patients suffering from internal and external hemorrhoids, the application of a regular suppository and a cream can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. The rectal rocket offers prolonged relief for both conditions. In an extended release form, the suppository can heal in as little as three doses.